Our offers

We often have campaigns and collaborations with exciting suppliers of both food drinks, so always ask our staff about what offers are available for the day. Here are our standard offers presented.

  • Shrimp sandwich from Pontus Frithiof and 1 bottle of wine (37,5 cl) 195:-
  • Shrimp sandwich from Pontus Frithiof and a cold beverage of your choice 125:-
  • Wrap, baguette or triangular sandwich of your choice, with both hot and cold drinks 99:-
  • Breakfast package - Roll of your choice with juice and hot beverage 69:-
  • Hot or cold drink with pastries 33:-

Our food

We know that when you're on the go you want quick, easy solutions and great variety. Therefore, we change menu several times each year and all food is served in a format that is easy to eat. We hope you will find something in our café, just what you are looking forward to, and below is presented a selection of what we have on board.

  • Shrimp sandwich from Pontus Frithiof 119:-

    Hand peeled shrimps in the company of crispy vegetables and a fresh dill mayonnaise

  • Salads - Varied by season from 85:-

    The Caesar salad is popular but we also dare to say that our vegan Quinoa salad with butternut pumpkin is a delight whatever preferences

  • Triangular sandwich 59:-

    Really tasteful spreads between two slices of bread. Uncomplicated, moderate and good

  • Wraps 64:-

    A soft tortilla bread with classic or modern style stuffing

  • Rollfrom 29:-

    Morning bests in good format. Available with different kinds of bread and toppings

Our beverages

Our drink range varies and we often cooperate with microbreweries and different brands while keeping our classics tight. All so that there is something for everyone. Here is a selection of what we offer on board.

  • Coffee from Nespresso 25:-

    Choose between Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino, Café latte or plain black coffee

  • Coffee with refill and Marabou Premium dark 10:-
  • Tea 25:-
  • Soda and Ramlösa 33 cl 25:-
  • Vitamin well spirit 45 cl 25:-
  • Tropicana juice 33 cl 25:-
  • Rescued juice 33 cl 38:-
  • Oatly Natural Energy 25 cl 28:-
  • Champagne – Henriot Brut Souverain 37,5 cl 239:-
  • Red wine – Anciens temp 37,5 cl 99:-
  • White wine – Anciens temp 37,5 cl 99:-
  • Carlsberg Export 33 cl 55:-
  • Nils Oscar God Lager 55:-

Sweets and snacks

Treat yourself well, we promise not to say anything.

  • Different pastries from delicato, maybe a bun or muffin15:-
  • Candy bags in different varieties from 15:-
  • Chocolate in different flavors and sizes from 10:-
  • Nachos with salsa and herb dip 34:-
  • Cashew nuts 25:-
  • Crisps and cheese doodles from OLW 20:-
  • Popped cheese Havarti 28:-
  • Eat Natural Bar 25:-
  • Fruit 10:-

Star chef on board

We have chosen to work with Pontus Frithiof to offer you a delicious meal. Pontus stands behind our menu in 1 CLASS PLUS as well as a couple of our dishes in the cafe which are also marked with . The food is cooked to eat on trains. Of course, with raw materials of the highest quality.